Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Happenings of the past

First thing's first.. Obama?! Oyeah!! What an amazing time for America right now.

Goodbye and good riddance to you, Bush.. enjoy being a douche irl!

Today is Remembrance Day, here in good ol' Canada land.. and the province I am so proud to call home apparently wants nothing to do with the big remembering production going on in the rest of the country. Good times here in BC, y'all =/

Started Weight Watchers a few months ago.. dropped the lbs like a bad habit.. reached my weight goal of 33 lbs lost and then the next week, gained 2 of them back! WTF!!!??? On a mission now, starting today, to never gain weight again. It's a really horrible feeling to know that you've reached such an impressive goal and now you've got to do it all over again.. shit mang. HOWEVER!, I have managed to come up with some really amazing eating habits and cooking recipes which I sometimes feel like sharing with random strangers.. so when I get around to it, hopefully soonish, I plan on posting some of the gooders I've come up with and maybe, if you're lucky, I'll post pictures of the finished products! Woop Woop.. I know you're so totally excited =P

Playing WoW a lot lately with the bf.. good times had there. Excited for the Lich King to make it's way into my life....

Best song of the day: Electric Feel ~ MGMT