Sunday, August 26, 2007

the state of the States...

Ok, seriously...If you understood what she was talking about, raise your hand!? I do believe the question was something along the lines of 'some American's can't find America on a world map, why is that?' I can't stop laughing at her answer...what the hell was that!!?? The worst thing about it is that she sounded confident in her answer... haha...' some American's don't have maps'. According to her, American's should be helping (or excuse me: "educating") other countries on where the US is on the world map. Yeah, I'm sure that will solve everyone's problems ..oh lord..

My first thought after watching this was...what a moron. My second thought...I hope she won. That would have been terribly hilarious had she won.

I'm sorry, but how stupid can you be. That girl totally gives in to the stereotype of the "pageant girl". Pretty ...and pretty stupid. I thought the 'today's pageant girl' was supposed to be beauty AND brains. Not just one or the other. How sad that I actually thought that western civilization had evolved. But who am I kidding, there are still pageant shows and skinny girls are still parading around on a stage in high heels and bikinis. The exact reason why I never watch those shows. I am sure there were girls who gave good answers and looked good doing so...but I do not really care... I am just focusing on this one situation, a case of ethnocentrism if you ask me... She should really learn a little more about the world, maybe take a few political science courses...or even sociology... or something... Poor girl. Those words are going to follow her around for the rest of her life .

In my opinion, the focus on America's place in the world is usually on the fact that it is the "Superpower" country and is "superior" to all others, so who cares where it sits on the map!? ...The majority of American's care more about the status of the country rather than it's geo-location. Which is sad... I can show you where American is on a world map, it's not that hard.... it says United States of America right on it... har har har .

Sunday, August 5, 2007

testing 1,2,3

this blog is currently under construction =)

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