Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the Season ......for therapeutic writing!

Last time I wrote, life wasn't so great... this is what has happened since then:

Things weren't going so great in Kamloops. A) I was super unhappy at my job ... always stressed out and feeling un-appreciated. B) No matter what we tried, living in that apartment never felt right. C) A huge fight with a close friend and subsequent ending of friendship kept us looking over our shoulders every where we went in an attempt to avoid the wrath of said friend. So, tired of sitting around stewing in our own self-pity, we decided to make a change. We needed to go somewhere that was suitable to our lifestyle AND could generate more business. As the Okanagan Valley is prime real-estate for weddings, that seemed the place to go. So, after a day trip to Peachland with Gina to visit Auntie Romi, we (as in me, Adrian and Gina) decided to move to Vernon. And before I knew it, I had quit my job and we had found a cute little condo to rent ...which completely by fluke happened to be only a few blocks down from the place Gina would be moving in to. I managed to save up a bit of money so I could finally take some real time off to come to terms with my moms death, and spend some time missing her in private.... as opposed to random break downs in the bathroom or in the coat rack at work. I've also been able to re-channel my creative side, which led me to open my own shop and gave me the idea to make all handmade gifts for Christmas, which I've been working like a slave over trying to get them all done in time to send before the mad mail rush. My next venture is to teach myself make-up and hair styling techniques so we can offer it as an option to clients!

Tis also the season for making lists! The best things from this year (so far):

-quit my job
-made Adrian St. Onge Photography ... and made it legit
-saw She & Him perform live -- best concert ever in my life!
-moved to Vernon
-Rebecca and Jon's wedding
-went to a Billy Talent concert and was reminded of how much I love that band <3
-The Walking Dead
- discovered Nescafe's instant coffee
-Netflix for Canadians
-Halle discovered the 'all-you-can-eat' buffet of grass outside our door ...she's like a cute little crack addict now!
-Kristi's baby boy Levi ... cute as a button miracle
-Gina moving to Vernon
-finally living in a place with a full sized fridge and freezer
-experienced the Drive-In ... a multitude of times
-Janelle and George getting engaged
-our ipad's still super cool

Thanks for reading!


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