Friday, January 14, 2011

The Winter blues ... and greys

It's funny how the excitement leading to up to Christmas can seem to abate the feelings of depression and sadness that the grey skies seem to bring.

This year Adrian was ready for Christmas in November. So was I!! But then again, I'm ready for Christmas all year long. We set up the tree in November this year, going against every rule my Mom ever set out about Christmas decorating. And now I see why. Her rule was, 'the tree can only go up on the first weekend of December, no sooner!' She was definitely on to something there. Having the house ready for the holiday 2-3 weeks after Halloween will only bring the blues sooner. Not only that, but I found myself getting tired of holiday cheer before December 25th even came.

Adrian's blahs started very shortly after the holidays were over.... but didn't last as long as usual. But for the first time ever the blahs have affected me. Winter is usually the best time of the year, in my books... I love snow and I love scarves and mittens and sunny cold days. I love drinking hot beverages all day long and walking in the park while the snow falls. Although I still love all those things, I find myself feeling sad. I feel that part of it is that my holiday cheer dissipated rather soon.... usually lasting until the middle of January or longer.

After much introspection I've come to the conclusion that my blues are due to a jealousy that has been firing up inside me for a few months now and boiling to the surface only a few nights ago. As childish as it might seem, and as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I find that I'm jealous of all the people on Etsy who are making regular sales of their handmade items. I know my sales will come with time and that I should find a way to channel my jealousy into my crafts, but I really just want to pout and stamp my foot! And the icing on the cake was to see a store downtown, which seemed to step right out of my dreams .... not necessarily selling what I would want to sell, but a shop set up exactly how I would do my own. Same in the colours on the walls, same in the way items are displayed..... same, same, same. So, now not only am I NOT selling on Etsy, but if I ever wanted to open a real store, I'd have to change the whole look and feel that I've already imagined. Alas, I let the blues was over me until I'm verging tears and longing for sunny days that shine pretty pinks and yellows and make me feel whole and warm.

Anyway, my next post is going to be about two foods I made over the holidays that were our favourite! And I'm also thinking about doing a 'Thing-a-day' challenge. That might be fun!!

Thanks for reading =)

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