Friday, February 18, 2011

500 days: day 4

I had some great plans for the day 4 project. But that was until I went to sit and came down too hard on my right side and now I'm trapped on the couch. It hurts too much to move =(

But, all is not lost, I still have lots I can talk about!

I have been searching and searching the interwebs for inspiration for my wedding. When I started thinking about it, like 2 minutes after we got **"engaged" I wanted my colour theme to be black and white with fuchsia pink accents. However, I've since settled on a more lighter colour pallet, more pastel and vintage-y, rather than glam-ish art deco. I really love the idea of a vintage garden party where the guests are drinking tea from cute flowery tea cups and playing croquet and bocce ball. I've already enlisted help from Adrian's mom and grandparents. Their current task is to find as many of those cute flowery tea cups as possible (for as cheap as possible)!! I figure I have to start now if I'm going to find enough for at least one per guest.

I haven't added much to my "wedding shelf" lately. Just another chuck of fabric I found amongst my piles.

**engagement story here

Well that's all for me tonight =)

Thanks for reading!


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