Tuesday, February 22, 2011

500 Days: day 8

I just spent the past two hours working on our wedding budget. Ugh, it's so hard to plan a budget when you don't have any money to budget with!! I'm already a month behind on my monthly savings plan ... but crossing my fingers that we will be able to double next months savings, to make up for it. I started out with a "potential" budget of $3,000 (as per my savings plan). I came out at the end with a total of $3,110. Yikes!! If I'm already OVER budget and I haven't even purchased anything or made any commitments, we are in serious trouble... or are we? I mean, there's still lots of time to save, but it's still stressful to think about. And, as I plan on making mostly everything myself (decorations, bouquets, etc) I should be able to cut costs in a few areas.

We already know where we'd potentially like to get married and it's a place that we could have both the ceremony and reception at... and THAT would be a huge budget saver!! I could cut a big chuck off, because it's also pretty cheap. But I'm keeping my options open, as we have only seen the area full of snow. So we are waiting for spring when we can view its full potential! I have high hopes for this place, so let's keep our fingers crossed!

When I got finished with the budget I started on the dinner menu. What another pain in my arse. I would love to just have the whole thing catered and not have to worry about any of it. I gave up after a few minutes of writing down my ideas, because I was getting too ahead of myself. I know that I want to have as many summer-y time food items as possible, but there are just so many options that I can't contain it to just a few selections!! I'm thankful for Adrian's grandpa, who offered to help with the food ... he's a great cook, so I'm excited to have his help!!

I have lots of big plans for all the decorations I want to make. That's the part I'm mot looking forward too =)

Well .. that and dress shopping with Gina. I can't wait to go try on pretty dresses!!!

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