Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding music - to dance or not to dance? 500 days: Day 17

I signed up for this wedding site and I get their random emails. The other day there was an article about playing newer music at your wedding. It got me thinking, what kind of music do we want? .

Now, this did come up when we first decided to get married(and I'm sure it will come up again), and Adrian's suggestions were predictable. He'd be happy if we could just play Atmosphere, Tom Waits and the Black Keys the whole night. But thinking about how our families might react to "What's He Building In There" and "Until the Nipples Gone", provoked me to being a hunt for the best wedding music to play.

The first issue I faced on my hunt was 'do we want to have a dance, or not?' I mean, Adrian is not a dancer, he bobs his head, but that's about it. And me, well, I LOVE to dance, preferably when I'm at home and in my pjs, but I'll dance in public ... Preferably after a few drinks ;) (**Flashback to childhood**) Then I began thinking, what if we don't have a dance but everyone expects there to be one OR what if we do have a dance but no one dances!? I contemplated NOT having one, and putting it on my wedding website, just so everyone was clear. But then I talked to Gina, and she changed my mind. She made me think about all the people that WOULD want to dance and when I got home, I began hunting for songs that would be fun to dance to. So far I've got about 5 good songs, which is NOT nearly enough. I know there will be ABBA and Elton John ... I will probably choose a lot of songs from our childhoods. But now my issue is finding the balance between what us "younger" folk prefer to dance to and what the aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. prefer. I honestly never thought choosing music would be so stressful!!

My next issue was choosing the music for the main events. I have a whole playlist of songs I want to walk down the isle to, but, obviously, I can only pick one. OMG so hard! Do I go with She & Him "I Can Hear Music" or do I go with Bright Eyes "First Day of my Life"!? OR maybe I want to go with The Moldy Peaches "Anyone Else But You". Ugh, the decisions.

As stressful as it is, it is kinda fun searching for good wedding music. I'm finding songs that I never thought I'd like, but I actually do!

Do you have any suggestions? What is your favourite "at-home-in-your-pjs" dance music? If you've been married, what music did you play at your wedding? And did you have a dance at your reception?

**I remember when I was really young, probably around 6-7 years old. I was pretty shy. Not like so shy I ran away from people, but still shy enough. I loved to dance with my mom in the living room to oldies like ABBA and Elton John, so fun. And once when we were in the grocery store, I heard a song that I liked, and I just started dancing, forgetting that there was a bunch of people around. There I was, grooving to some ABBA song, totally lost in the movement, in the middle of the frozen food isle. People were watching me and as I started to realize this and stopped dancing, my mom just started clapping! I was so embarrassed. I stuck to my mom's side for the rest of the time in the store ... But funny enough, that wasn't my last time!!!

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