Thursday, January 27, 2011


So Adrian and I had a long conversation the other night, which ended with our decision to get married. I'm so very excited! We set our date, tentatively, for July 28, 2012. We need time to save up the money. I've already started planning, it's hard not to! I have so many freakin ideas!

Adrian gets to plan the honeymoon, so he's excited about that! He's planning a road trip to California and Tofino. I'm excited for that too! One thing I really wanted was to get married on the beach in Tofino. But it's pretty far away and for some, it's a pretty expensive trip to make. So I'm happy with going there for our honeymoon =)

I'm just so excited! I'm happy that I finally get to vocalize all my ideas, which I've been saving up in the wedding file section of my brain! I plan on making most things myself, which is also good reason for having the wedding in a year and a half.... more time to get everything made. I've also already found the dress I want, but I'm still going to look around here because the one I want is in Burlington .... and it's in store only!

That's all about the wedding for now!

But in other wedding related news, I started working on a wedding bouquet some time ago, because I'd love to sell wedding stuff in my Etsy shop. It`s taking me a very long time to finish but when it's done, I will list it. I'm thinking of even adding some pictures of the progress. I plan on making a matching maid of honour and bride's maid one, as well as boutonnieres. Hopefully I can get it done soon!

That's really all for now =)

Thanks for reading!


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