Sunday, February 6, 2011

sick days

So lately I've been under a LOT of stress. This stress caused me to get sick. I put everything on hold and sat on the couch for a week, drinking green tea and sneezing and sniffling. I'm feeling much better now, thank goodness. Although there's still some lingering stress, needing to find jobs so we can pay rent, bills... stuff like that. But part of me is thankful that no one called this past week about a job, as I would have been too sick to go to work anyway! I've also been able to get through this week thanks to my amazing fiancée, who tended to my every whiny demand. He's so great <3. I found something new that I love when I'm sick. Sinus massages. Especially right between the eyes... it feels like heaven when everything around your eyes feels tight and sore. So wonderful!

Anyway, I'm back now. Have a few handmade things to finish up so I can post them on Etsy... I've made a few non-hair accessories... like some cute flower fridge magnets. I'm looking for ways to use up some of my random bits and pieces so I can make room for more hair accessory stuff. Still working on that bridal bouquet ... it's turning out to be quite a challenge!! It's probably going to take me longer than I thought to finish. Started work on a REALLY cute brown and cream felt hair bow ... but then my sewing machine threw a hissy fit and the stitches went all askew. Then I gave up when the needle randomly fell out of the machine. I think I will have another go at it today... I've got another idea for the bow now.

It's snowing today. Yesterday was so beautiful and sunny and warm ... it was such a good day to go out after being inside for a week. Now it's dark and cold again =(

Haven't made much progress with the wedding plans... but that will come with time. I'm working on the guest list right now, my limit of guests is 100 people ... that's all we will be able to afford with our budget!! Planning a wedding is so exciting... I wish I could do it for a living!

Well that's all for me =)

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