Saturday, February 26, 2011

500 days: day 12

So, I've missed a few days of wedding preparations!! I'm pretty behind on my calendar of things to get done. But that's okay, I won't start actually worrying until, you know, it gets closer to the actual day. I think I may have taken on too big of a challenge by wanting to make all my own decorations, food, etc and planning everything myself. Oh the joys of a limited budget!! I'm just thankful that I have lots of extra time and most things I want to make can be made from supplies from the dollar store. I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE!!

I really want to be able to make most, if not all, decorations from dollar store supplies. It would really really take some stress off the budget. And I hope, that by writing about my budget adventures, I will inspire other brides who have the same budget stress that I'm facing =)

Whenever I come across a decoration idea, I like to try it out and make a 'proto-type', so I have something to look back at as a reference. So far I've tried making some tissue paper poms, but I keep ripping the tissue paper or I don't add enough layers.. so I keep trying!!

Today I'm thinking of attempting a new project. Adrian found some twine in the closet, and I remember seeing a tutorial once on how to make twine hanging balls, using twine, balloons, paint and glue. So I'm going to try making a few, from memory, and see how they turn out. **I just had to run to the dollar store because upon an extensive search, we realized there were no balloons.**

The twine is in the gluing stage. Have to wait for it to dry completely before I can paint it. I'm excited!! It looks like it really might work.

It will probably take over night to dry, so I will post the finished product tomorrow!!

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Kristina said...

I've seen what you're referring to on Instructables and other websites. It's a cute and cheap idea. Remember to vaseline the balloons up or the glue/string will stick once you pop it. I've seen people add glitter to them as well, to make them a bit more shimmery and whimsical.