Sunday, February 27, 2011

Going wedding crazy - 500 days: day 13

Making twine wrapped balls from memory is a little harder than I imagined!! I tried one ball, by wrapping the twine around a balloon, gluing it and then painting the twine white. BIG MISTAKE! Once I popped the balloon, all the paint that dried to it stuck to the twine and now just looks like a mess! So I tried it another way. First I painted the twine and then rubbed glue all over the pieces and wrapped the balloon. That seemed to work a little better, although a LOT more messy. I'm still not getting the same effect that I can imagine in my head. So, upon talking it over with Adrian, we both decided it would be best to try a white cottony yarn or thick string, dye it the colours we want and THEN use the gluing mixture to adhere it to the balloon. I'm excited to try it with dye and yarn, I think it will work a whole lot better than the last two methods. At least now I know what NOT to do, as far as these decorations are concerned.

When I attempted the first twine ball, I mixed far too much of the glue mixture and had a whole bowl of it left over. I have been saving cans, jars and containers for a few weeks, so we can use them as decorative containers for the coffee/tea bar and the dessert bar items. So, with the left over glue I decided to get a head start on my plans for the containers. I sorted through all my scrapbook papers and pulled out the ones that I thought would incorporate nicely into our wedding decor theme. I cut various sizes and pieces, as well as pieces of tissue paper. I covered the entire surface of each container with pretty pieces of paper, until I achieved the look I was going for. OMG do they ever look cute!! The twine balls may not have turned out the way I wanted, but these containers sure did! I then tied some ribbons around the tops and once I get my menu all sorted out we will make little labels for each one, saying what each holds. This project was SOOO much fun for me =) Yay for gluing!

I also attempted another tissue paper pom ... this one actually turned out relatively like what I had pictured, but still not as round as I had hoped. So, I keep trying.

I guess you could say that last night I went a little wedding crazy!! But I'm really happy that I attempted the twine balls, weeding out the do-not's of twine balls =)

Hopefully next post I can upload some photos of what I've made so far =)

Thanks for reading =)


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