Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something finished, something started,,, 500 days - day 2

I finally got this custom order finished! I'm so happy with the final products!

I love them!

Today is day 2 of the countdown to our wedding. 528 days! (But I'm probably only going to blog for about 500 of those days ;))

I'm soooo excited that my best friend Gina is going to be my maid of honour AND my most favourite far-away friend, Jess, is going to be my brides maid. I have started a wedding blog, when I remember the web address I will post a link here!! Hehehe.


So today's project of the countdown was the guest list. I really want to finalize our list by the middle of March, because I have OCD and I'm obsessed with being organized.

Halle sniffed the pens and tried to eat one, and when I asked her who she wanted to invite she said "mmmmwwweeeeooowwwwwoommeeoooww" (which means: heeeaaadbaaandd). Yes, my kitten <3's headband. Ohh, cute kitten distractions!

I added 3 pages of guest list to my wedding binder and made sure I scheduled a date to be finished the list. And then my stomach was ready for dinner so finished for another day, I was.

And here's a cute picture of Halle from our Kamloops days, because you're all probably dying to see what my cute kitten looks like ;)

Thanks for reading!


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