Tuesday, March 1, 2011

banana-polooza - the story of how bananas made my day =)

I used a lot of bananas today!!

First I ate one, half on peanut butter on toast and half in milk (it's better than cereal if you ask me =)).

Then I made banana bread. We are just tasting it now, and OMG it's amazing! I used this recipe. I left out the butter, because we didn't have any and I added 2 extra bananas, a pinch of salt and a few drops of my butter vanilla Bakery Emulsion that I bought at Winners once... I always check when I go in there, because if it's there I buy it. I love using it, especially when I leave out the butter in a recipe because it still hints at a butter flavour. OH NO, I'm giving away my secret ingredient! I also sprinkled some brown sugar on the top to make a tasty crust and I ended up having to bake it for about 10 minutes longer than the recipe said. Adrian says "it's the best banana bread I've ever had", so I know it's good. Otherwise he would have just said "yeah, it was good".

While my banana bread was baking away I decided to try out this recipe for one-ingredient ice cream. It's not ACTUALLY ice cream, as it's made ONLY with bananas. I froze my bananas whole. I didn't know if the bananas were going to last long enough for me to get around to making this, so I just tossed them in the freezer to save for the day I decided to make it. Since we moved here, last August, I still hadn't unpacked everything. This included my blender. So I went on the hunt while my baking bread filled the house with it's sweet aroma =P Luckily I found it in the first place I looked, only to find the base and the lid, but still missing the top part. Also lucky for me, I found it in the first place I looked. So with all the blender pieces assembled, I cut up my banana. It was pretty easy to cut, even though it was frozen, and each piece easily popped out of the skin. The only thing that suffered was my thumbs, they are still tingling from the cold! Once I got the banana pieces into the blender I was so excited to start it up!! Only to be let down. Piece of advice: This recipe is probably not going to be very easy if you're using a blender like mine .... a cheap $20 plastic Betty Crocker. It took me about 15 minutes to get it all blended, which was just enough time, as the motor started to give up towards the end!! I had to add some milk just to juice it up a little so the blender didn't have to work so hard. I mushed it a great deal with my spatula and had to keep scooping it off the sides and mushing it on top of the blades. It made me feel like maybe next Christmas I will ask for a food processor!! But after all of that the banana mush started to take form and I had it to the same consistency as the recipe. So I got excited again =) I had to put it back in the freezer so it could solidify some more, but then I was too impatient so I tried a bit and sprinkled some chocolate chips on top =)

And thus is the story of my day with bananas =)

Oh, and I also talked on a banana phone ;)

Thanks for reading!!



Kristina said...

Your boobs look huge in that pic. Adrian did a good job on that banana bread photo, looks very appetizing.

I made shepherds pie for dinner tonight since you inspired me to try it.

Im creepy.

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